Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration – Ontario Volunteer Awards


Marion Hossack – 15 years Service
Mamie McCormack – 10 years Service
Mary Penny – 10 years Service
Jack Cranston – 15 years Service


Shirley Cranston – 15 year Service


Jim Green – 25 years Service


Dr. John Deadman – 5 years Service
Bill Filer – 5 years Service
Grant Huber – 5 years Service
Mary Penny – 10 years Service (in 2007)
Mamie McCormack – 10 years Service (in 2007)
Marion Hossack – 15 years Service (in 2007)


Jim Green – 30 years Service (in 2010)
Flo Green – 30 years Service
Jack Cranston – 20 years Service (in 2007)
Shirley Cranston – 20 years (in 2008)


David Puskas – 5 years Service
Bob Williamson – 5 years Service

Hamilton Wentworth Heritage Association – Volunteer Recognition Awards

One important responsibility each year is to nominate 2 members of ATHS for the Hamilton-Wentworth Heritage Association Volunteer Recognition Awards.

The Criteria:
– a member in good standing of the Organization
– a member who volunteers in an active capacity in the development of the Organization

Nominated and Recognized at the Heritage Volunteer Recognition Awards at City Hall for the year are:


Mr. Robert Harrison
Mr. Grant Huber
Mr. David Carson


Dr. John Deadman
Mr. Arthur Bowes


Rev Canon Robert Brownlie – Bob Brownlie currently holds the position of Speaker Series Chair of ATHS. The 10 month speakers cover the history of Ancaster and surrounding areas and events. As a Committee Member of the ATHS 1812 Bi-Centennia1 Anniversary Celebrations, he co-ordinates the development of the yearly event at the Ancaster Heritage Day, for the years: 2011 — Rumours of War, 2012 — Field Hospital reenactment, 2013, and 2014. His knowledge of history leading up to and including the War of 1812 is a valuable resource to the Committee. Bob has his art depicting scenes of the War included in many books being written on the War.

Ms. Melanie Blum – Melanie currently holds the position of Secretary/Membership Chair with ATHS.  She has been instrumental in increasing the membership 20% each year for the past 2 years. As secretary of the ATHS 1812 Bi-Centennial Anniversary Committee, she created and developed the “Ancaster Gore Gazette”, a historic newspaper. The Gazette distributed every 3 months contains stories, events and happenings in Ancaster and surrounding Communities each year in 1811 and 1812; many references to familiar names of people who settled in Ancaster during this time is legacy to this generation’s “living history” of Ancaster.


Ms. Beth Mills – Beth holds the position of Promotions Chair with ATHS. At local Historical Societies’ Meetings, Events and Exhibits, she has been instrumental in increasing ATHS’s image, promoting the activities and speaker series, the sales of 3 publications, Ancaster’s Heritage, Ancaster’s Heritage Vol. 11 and Ancaster — A Pictorial History, distributing the Gore Gazette newspaper, the 3 leaflets: Waterfalls of Ancaster, Historic Plaques in Ancaster and 45 Historic Sites of Ancaster as well data on the Bicentennial War of 1812. Beth’s personal interest and speaker on the life and times of Clementina Fessenden, founder of Empire Day and mother to Reginald Fessenden, she promotes and arranges the ATHS yearly presentation of “The Fessenden Award” to 2 local history students attending Ancaster High School, Bishop Tonnos Secondary School and Hamilton District Christian Reform High School and in 2012, she added a Fessenden Elementary School student to this Award.

Mr. Jim Green – Jim holds the position of Archivist with ATHS and represents the Society on the Board at Ancaster’s Fieldcote Memorial Park and Museum. As Historian, community icon, preservationist and collector, Jim Green contributes and preserves Ancaster’s history. Using the archives housed at Fieldcote and his vast historical knowledge of Ancaster, he is the resource who will trace and seek answers on past residents, buildings and events in Ancaster.
He has contributed to the publications of Historic leaflets: Waterfalls of Ancaster, Historic plaques in Ancaster; 45 Historic Sites of Ancaster and Architectural Styles of Stone Buildings in Ancaster. Jim is a member of the Bicentennial War of 1812 Committee both with ATHS and Fieldcote. Jim has been recognized by the Community as Citizen of Year in 2002 and in 2010 was awarded the Reverend T. Melville Bailey Heritage Award.


Mr. Raymond Wilson – Raymond has serviced the Community of Ancaster as a dedicated volunteer in several capacities for many years. As Treasurer of the ATHS, he has been responsible for maintaining the auditable financial records for the Society. His reliable dedication to this position allows the ATHS to budget and operate its mandate with confidence. As an Historian, Raymond contributes and preserves Ancaster’s history and sits on many Boards and Committees throughout the Community.

Mr. Brent Beacroft – Brent holds the position of Special Events Chair with ATHS. Since 2010, Brent developed and co-ordinated the ATHS Bi-Centennia1 Celebration of the War of 1812 at the encampments during Heritage’s Days, the Exhibits at The Ancaster Fair and the Historical Bloody Assize — “Noose, Knife and Fire” at Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum . In 2011 — Rumours of War — How the fledgling community of Ancaster was feeling as talk of war and the unrest was becoming evident. In 2012 — Blood & Bandages — Ancaster’s Role as a Hospital location. In 2013 — Homefront Hardships — the Women’s role during the War Years. In 2014 – The Bloody Assize — “Noose, Knife and Fire” — The Trial in Ancaster resulting in the execution at Burlington Heights. His personal interest in this period of History and as a re-enactor, Brent journeyed to many re-enactments during the four years.


Mr. Bev Pedersen – Bev was nominated to the ATHS Board of Directors in 2011 and has been Secretary for the past three years. Bev was on the Planning Committee of the ATHS Bi-Centennial four year Celebration of the War of 1812 attending the encampments during Heritage Days, the exhibits at the Ancaster Fair and at the Historical Bloody Assize – Noose, Knife and Fire at Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum in 2014.

Mrs. Jean Pedersen – Jean has been a member of the Social & Refreshment Committee since 2011. As well, she was on the Planning Committee of the ATHS Bi-Centennial four year Celebration of the War of 1812. Her dressmaking skills provided costumes and uniforms for the re-enactors attending encampments during Heritage Days, the exhibits at the Ancaster Fair and the Historical Bloody Assize – Noose, Knife and Fire at Fieldcote Memorial Park & Museum in 2014.


Dr. John Deadman – John has held many positions, including President, of the ATHS. For the past many years, he has served on the Programme Committee, the Nominating Committee and as a Speaker, he shared his passion for the History of Ancaster, Hamilton and the Medical Field. As a valued executive member, he reviews the Constitution yearly and determines if the Board should make any necessary modifications.

Mrs. Beatrice Deadman – Bea has been a member of the ATHS Executive in the positions of Membership, Promotion and recently as The Fessenden History Awards Chair.

The ATHS presents this Award to honour Clementina Trenholme Fessenden who is recognized in Canada and the Commonwealth as founder of Empire Day, May 24. Each year, a student from Ancaster High School, Bishop Tonnas Secondary School, and Hamilton Distric Christian Reform High School, whose academic standing excels in History, is presented this Award. As Ancaster’s Fessenden School was named to honour Clementina Trenholme Fessenden, a Grade 8 student from this School is recognized as well.


Mr. Cam Brandreth – Cam has held the Programme Director’s position on the Board for the past 3 years. He plans and organizes the Speaker Series at least one year in advance and is well prepared for the Speaker at each meeting. The Annual Supper Meeting of the Society and the Popular Members’ “Show and Tell” presentations are successful because of his attention to detail.

Mrs. Nell Konkin – Nell has been a member of the ATHS Board for the past 3 years as Publicity and member of the Archives Committee. She has worked also on a number of projects for the Society including the development of a telephone list of members who cannot be reached by email. As an active memeber of the Archives Committee she took on the assignment to liaise with a local Nursing Home to provide four large formatted historical prints for their four dining rooms.


Ms. Mary Penny
Ms. Mamie McCormack

“Baking may have been regarded as a science, but it’s the chemistry between the ingredients and the cook that give desserts life. Baking is done out of love to share with family and friends to see them smile.” Anna Olson

For over 20 years at the end of each meeting, the members of the ATHS have had the anticipation of discovering what delectable treats have escaped from the ovens of Mamie and Mary. The sharing of their desserts with the friends of Ancaster’s Historical Community have brought many smiles completing an informative presentation on Ancaster’s History.